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What we offer

Circular solutions and recycling for the public sector

Solutions to optimize your public operations

By learning about your internal logistics and by co-working closely with you, we can offer an optimized solution that saves both time, work and money. If your staff needs it, we offer environmental training, safety advice and training on hazardous waste and dangerous goods.

We also offer a range of contracting services, for example full operation of recycling stations. We can even take care of materials inside your own facilities, such as recycled wood, which we crush and make into chips and deliver to cogeneration plants.

With our comprehensive solution, your entire waste management will be as simple and safe as possible. You get a contact for all types of waste, with a better overview and aggregated statistics on the recycling work.

Our services help your business become more sustainable

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Waste collection and Recycling

Whatever the materials, whatever the quantity, we have the processes in place to deliver advanced and efficient recycling on an industrial level. We also offer flexible, reliable and cost-effective waste collection and sustainable transport solutions.

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Total waste management

At Stena Recycling, we can take care of your waste – no matter how great the volume or complex the material. Our total waste management offer is tailored to your needs and includes waste collection, sorting and recycling as well as training, labeling and reporting.

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About Stena Circular Consulting

Our experts can help implement sustainable solutions that deliver the greatest economic and environmental value for your business. Together, we can design and develop products, process flows and business models to reduce your climate impact and help you on the way to full circularity.

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Recycling and waste management optimization

优化你的回收和废物管理会l benefit both your business and the environment. Our complementary optimization services can systematically improve your business, while our lean business model creates completely new value.

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Process and product design

Together with your product designers, we can increase the recycling rates of your products, so you benefit from more efficient manufacturing and reduced raw material costs. We also show how different materials affect recycling rates and offer suggestions for improvement.

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Inventing tomorrow’s recycling solutions

Together, we can develop new products from your waste and find sales outlets for your materials. We can help build sustainable resource management systems and collaborate on research projects that create innovative new solutions.

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