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Scrap metal collection, sorting and recycling

How your scrap metal production waste becomes new recycled raw materials

1. Collect

We collect ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal left over from your production.

2. Transport

All handling and processing is taken care of by experts at one of our certified recycling facilities.

3. Inspect, sort and process

你的废金属收集ted, sorted and processed to meet quality and purchasing requirements.

4. Fragment and recycle

More complex material is fragmented and recycled using our advanced processes.

5. Re-sale of recycled raw materials

We provide steel mills, foundries, and smelters with high-quality recycled raw materials for use in new climate-smart products.

Our services can help you create greater value and reduce your climate impact

Stena Recycling offers you a complete range of market-leading services, recycling processes and equipment to help maximize the value of your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. We can also help you create a successful waste economy and achieve your unique sustainability goals.

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Why Stena Recycling should take care of your scrap metal

Every year, Stena Recycling recycles several million tonnes of scrap metal from across all industries, including iron, steel, copper and aluminium. We work with customers of all sizes – from businesses that work with smaller volumes to those who handle hundreds of thousands of tonnes every year. We have been taking care of material responsibly since 1939, so you can be sure that we will always handle your scrap metal in the best possible way – for your business and for the environment.

At Stena Recycling, we have over 160 certified recycling facilities in seven countries. This means that our services and processes are always close to your source of waste – so you can cut transport costs as well as emissions. With our unique recycling processes and sales channels, we create value throughout the waste management chain – ensuring the greatest possible financial value for your business, while supporting your sustainability goals.

Three ways we help you protect material value

  1. To avoid mixing different grades of scrap metal, we can help you sort it at source. We ensure that you have the right sorting and collection equipment and that your employees are properly trained. And the more you sort your scrap, the more you can earn from it. 

  2. When you work with Stena Recycling, your scrap metal is always taken care of using advanced recycling processes where the greatest possible value is extracted from it. So you can be reassured that your waste is handled in the best possible way to reduce your climate impact.

  3. At Stena Recycling, we have a reliable network of global sales channels where high-quality recycled raw materials are in great demand. This means we can always find the most suitable buyer for your scrap metal and can always offer competitive prices – regardless of price fluctuation.

Three trends within metal recycling

A Stena Recycling employee in protective clothing works in Stena Nordic Recycling Center.

Increase in complex waste

The amount of complex scrap is increasing from both production and end-of-life products. We constantly invest in new metal recycling processes to extract the maximum metal and iron – even from complex waste.

A pile of recycled raw materials at Stena Nordic Recycling Center

More demand for recycled raw materials

Demand is increasing for high-quality recycled raw materials that can compete with virgin raw materials and be used in products with a lower climate impact. Using unique processes, we can extract the maximum resources for use in new products.

Silhouettes of people walking in a modern, glass-fronted office building.

Price fluctuation

At Stena Recycling, we have a reliable network of global sales channels where high-quality recycled raw material is in great demand. This means we can always offer competitive prices for your scrap metal – regardless of price fluctuation.

Facts about ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Iron is just one of the many metals Stena Recycling turns into new recycled raw materials


Used to make steel. Processed in steel and smelters where it becomes sheet metal in cars, beams, pipes and more.

不锈钢是许多金属Ste之一na Recycling turns into new recycled raw materials

Stainless steel

Stainless steel can withstand harsh environments and is used in pipes in industrial products, materials in white goods and more.

铜is just one of the many metals Stena Recycling turns into new recycled raw materials

铜conducts electricity effectively and is found in cables, electrical and electronic products and more.

Aluminium is just one of the many metals Stena Recycling turns into new recycled raw materials


Aluminium has a lot of useful properties. It is durable, lightweight and conducts electricity effectively. Recycled aluminium is used in vehicles, aircraft, electronics, tools and more.

Did you know?

Reycling 1 tonne of iron saves over 1 tonne of carbon dioxide emissions. (1)

Aluminium is an excellent material for recycling as it is energy-intensive to manufacture. (2)

Recycling saves 95% of the energy compared to producing new aluminium from new ore. (3)

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