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What we offer

Unlocking the potential of a circular economy

We are Stena Circular Consulting – a management consulting firm helping businesses accelerating their transition to a circular economy. We offer a comprehensive range of services aiming to unlock the untapped value potential of applying circular economy principles. Our team provides independent advice, leveraging the vast knowledge and advanced technologies of our parent company, Stena Recycling Group.

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循环经济,将变成经济性状ic prosperity

The current global economy must accomplish two monumental tasks by 2050, seemingly at odds with each other.

On the onehand, to sustain a pace of massive global growth to support a 10 billion population, including a growing group of middle-classconsumers. On the other hand, to urgently reduce resource depletion, waste, and GHG emissions, staying within ourplanetary boundaries. To succeed at both, a radical change of plans is needed. The good news? It is the biggest economicopportunity.

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About Stena Circular Consulting

We are a committed team with the mission to help organizations future-proof their business by providing them with value creation opportunities based on established circular economy principles and the latest business insights.Combining deep technical expertise, commercial thinking, and an innovative mindset, we take the holistic approach needed to create impactful solutions.

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Circular business solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of circular economy business solutions - from identifying and understanding the need for change and revising strategies, redesigning business models and revolutionizing product design. Our support enables businesses to embrace the circular economy and unlock its immense value.

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Success stories & Tools

By harnessing the power of circular economy principles and leveraging our unique tools, extensive expertise, and strategic partnerships, we have empowered clients to truly take a leap towards becoming both more sustainable and more profitable. Explore some of our cases, tools and reports.

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Meet the team

We are a diverse and dedicated team of consultantswith extensive expertise in circular economy strategy,design, innovation, and production, as well as processoptimization and business development.