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Mats Linder

Engineer by training specialized in Physical Chemistry. Extensive experience in circular economy consulting from renown organizations. Mats is passionate about the circular economy and have devoted his career to find solutions that actually work.

Louise Eriksson

Extensive experience in circular solutions development with various leading roles within product- and production development. Louise sees a duality in circular economy - being straightforward and highly complex at the same time. Therefore, it’s an inspirational challenge to explore.
Oskar Wallin Berglin

Oskar Wallin Berglin

Graduate in business management with vast experience in internal management consultancy. Oskar is convinced that sustainability goals need to align with economic benefits to create a real impact.

Jessica Wolf

Trained professional in business and management. Extensive experience in project management, mainly as a consultant. Strategy & Sustainable Innovation expertise with recent focus on food & retail sector as Head of Innovation. Jessica is passionate about promoting the idea that "doing good makes you do good". Applying circular economy system thinking is key to do this as it enables strategies, products, and business models good for planet, people, and profit.

Ulrika Maschmann

Holds a degree in business administration with vast experience in sales and operational development. Ulrika sees circular economy as a solution for companies to act responsibly on how to make a profit aligned with i.e., the planetary boundaries.

Liv Andersson

Industrial designer with experience in sustainable product development and circular business transformation. Circular design a key is Liv’s driving force – to engage a business to do its best already at the drawing table.

Hannah Arvidsson

Trained professional in environmental and global development focusing on the circular economy, with prior experience in life cycle analysis and scope 1-3 mapping. Hannah holds a special interest in the future of fashion and how we can establish a sustainable relationship with textiles.

Märta Bergfors

Trained professional in Environmental Economics with experience within climate change adaptation and regional development analysis. Märta’s main interests lies within systemic changes in business models and innovations that decrease the need for consumption.

Fredrik Byström

Engineer by training with a degree in industrial ecology oriented towards sustainability within the tech-heavy industry with professional experience in product lifecycle and circular strategy development. Fredrik believes that circular economy is a course of action to test and make sustainability measurable and evaluate what future choice is the most beneficial.

Felicia Gustafsson

Trained professional in environmental management and policy. Experience in analysis and project management focused on R&I, circular economy, and climate change mitigation. Felicia believes the circular economy requires us to apply a holistic mindset and re-think the traditional ways businesses create and deliver value to its stakeholders.

Gabriella Bode

可持续发展咨询的经验,设计for circularity, and design for recycling analyses, as well as assessments of risks related to sustainability. The holistic perspective needed when approaching circularity intrigues Gabriella. She finds alternative business models, and the need to shift in human thought and behavior particularly intriguing.

Stina Lexö

Holds a degree in Business Management oriented towards sustainability. Experience in business development, design for circularly and design for recycling analyses. Stina is fascinated by the business opportunities and environmental benefits the circular economy generates.

Manos Milathianakis

毕业的工程师专业环境中ineering with proven experience in sustainable construction, life cycle analysis and design for recyclability. Having spent numerous hours underwater since his childhood as an amateur spearfisherman, Manos have eye witnessed the ever-growing microplastics disaster resulting in a motivation to tackle pollution, with circular economy and behavior-changing practices.

Riccardo Paccaloni

Professional training Expereinced in industrial and environmental design with extensive experience in hands-on design development and project management within circular economy. Riccardo believes that best user-centric design can be achieved by considering “What happens next?” He is committed to support companies to take informed sustainable choices already on the drawing table.

Michaela Feiglová

Trained professional in environment management and policy. Experience with circular economy in the furniture industry and energy efficiency in food processing. Michaela grew up on the countryside and always appreciated how farmers maximized the use of any resource, be it crops or cattle. Waste was not part of the equation.

Viktor Neiström Ortynski

Engineer by training specialized in mineral processing and geodesy with prior experience form the machinery industry. It is Victor’s belief that only a circular economy offers an economic system which can ensure a safe future for our planet and coming generations. Victor sees it as his mission to help companies develop sustainable solutions for the value chains of resources.

Oskar Mikaelsson

Design engineer by training with expertise in product management, materials, and environmental lifecycle impact. When Oskar was introduced to the concept of circular economy, the pieces fell in place. Since then, he has devoted his time towards designing out waste.

Shanmuga Suruliappan Magudapathy

Engineer by training focusing on industrial management and sustainability. Experience in life cycle analysis, traceability, and product service systems business models. The everyday effects of climate change and collective unsustainable daily life choices deeply concerns Shanmuga. He would like to create a meaningful difference and is glad that his profession enables him to be a part of the circular solution.

Zarah Zättlin

Vast experience in the recycling industry, i.e., in project management within waste management, resource optimization and waste flow mapping. Zarah is fascinated by behaviors around the "curse of ownership" and consumption patterns. She sees her work as an opportunity to expand the competence on conscious consumption and waste minimization to mitigate the environmental impact.

Tina Carvid

Expertise from a global context in various senior positions within procurement, strategy, value chain optimization, business models, finance, and circular economy. Tina would like to see more companies taking their sustainability communication to the next level by being more transparent and communicating more openly about their progress towards their set sustainability targets.
Joakim Larsson

Joakim Larsson

Trained professional in Sustainable Development and Business Administration. Experienced sustainability consultant who believes that circular economy encourages us to consider the well-being of both humans and ecosystems alongside economic growth by focusing on eliminating waste and pollution, regenerating our natural systems, and keeping materials and products in use for as long as possible.

Anna-Giulia Scaglia

Extensive experience in design engineering for consumer products and automotive as well as product development from idea to start of production. Anna-Giulia is fascinated by the challenge of transitioning to a circular economy in practice and by the fact that it is a fundamental change in how we do business. She aims to redesign how we use, consume, and interact with products.
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